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Live Animals

live animals

Live Saanen/Boer Goats available for sale Saanen goats This Goat Breed Produces the Most Milk on Average, and is Known for its Calm Disposition.

The Saanen goat is the largest of the dairy goat breeds 

Boer Goats and Merino sheep of 40-50kg 
Goats and Merino sheep of 50-60kg 
Goats and Merino sheep of 65-75 kg 
Goats and Merino sheep of 80-100kg 
Pregnant Goats and sheep of 80-100kg
All available for sale and good rate

We have 250 Beefmaster bulls, 90 Bonsmara bulls, 300 Braford bulls 63
Brangus bulls, 140 Boran bull 200 Heifers 310 Calves and 80 Master bull

Brahman calf heifers
Brahman Bull calf
Brahman Heifers
Brahman Bulls

We raise them from kidding right up to adults then bring them on stock
They are very healthy and with good sizes. it should come to you
that the following can be used for slaughter as well as breeding
Animals are all grassland risen and capable for different climate
zones They are above 15 months of age and they weight 300kg - 600kg
and above.they stand 130cm tall at the shoulder.All animals are
sanitary and bloodline certified with excellent genetics

All cattle are supplied in excellent healthy condition and disease
free, pedigree, good conformation and high quality, according with
your sanitary requirements.