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Refined Palm Oil

Refined Palm Oil

We take care of all the raw materials used in the product manufacturing and designing. The inputs (raw material) used are quality certified and are remarkable for the production. Before making the final dispatch, our entire lot is carefully stored in our capacious warehouse under the administration of experts. Thus, there are minimal chances of defects at buyer's end.

Refined palm oil / palm olein - is an alternative material for biodiesel production.

Palm olein has become wide-spread as highly profitable, economic frying oil , highly-resistant to oxidation, as compared to rapeseed and common sunflower oil. It is used for production of spreads, ice-cream, margarine, pastry (biscuits, candy fillings, wafers, cookies, ginger bread ), as oil for deep-frying, and for instant foods (chips, potato, nuts, noodles and bouillon cubes.

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Taste and odor Non- Identifiable
Frree fatty acids content    Max 0,05%
Peroxide value    Max 1,0 mmol O/kg
Stability 120 degrees Centigrade Max 10 hrs (Rancimat)
Olein fatty acid content    Max 40%
Palmitic fatty acid content of Max 40%