Randli Agrar Kft



We are a well-known Exporter and Supplier of an extensive range of Spices. We offer high quality dry powder chilli peper, dry powder Ginger, dry powder Garlic, dry powder Cinnamon and much more. Sourced from reliable farmers, we have gained the trust of our clients for supplying top quality.

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Chili pepper powder

We offer ready to use red hot Chili powder at affordable prices, we are a rebliable company to deal with as we always have stocks available throughout

the year


Ginger Powder

Compressor Scrap is widely demanded in the market. We are a trusted Exporter and Supplier of high grade Compressor Scrap that is oil free. Sourced from trusted manufacturers and vendors, our testing team passes Compressor Scrap through various quality tests before supplying. Our clients trust us for supplying only finest


Garlic Powder

Our company is an established Supplier and Exporter of GarlicPowder from Cuijk. The Garlic powder offered by us is procured from certified farmers which adopt advanced and safe practices for maintaining them. Our Garlic Powder is widely popular in various countries because of its high nourishment value


Paprika powder

We produce 1500 metric tons of Chili Powder and Paprika Powder, 1000 metric tons of other spice powders, 350 metric tons of Paprika Oleoresin, 150 metric tons of Capsicum Oleoresin, 10000 metric tons of Dried Chili Pods, 3000 metric tons of Chili Paste, 2000 metric tons of Salted Chopped Chili, 1500 metric tons of Spicy Black Bean Sauce.


Cinnamon Powder

Cinnamon bark (both powdered and in whole, or "stick" form) is used as a flavouring agent for confectionery, desserts, pastries,and meat; it is specified in many curry recipes, Cassia is sometimes added to Ceylon cinnamon



Orange to orange red Powder Saffron extract powder/Saffron extract/Saffron Extract Powder/Saffron Powder extract, Saffron Extract crocetin /yellow saffron powder/natural Safranal extract crocin.